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Learn About Factsheets a.k.a. Documentation

Factsheets are Hexabitz take on documentation! They’re a mix between a hardware data sheet and a software cheat sheet. They should get you up to speed on any module and provide quick access to the most needed information, e.g., major component part numbers, module APIs and Commands, etc. The software section features some simple examples as well, to provide a quick help with the syntax. Factsheets are designed to be printed double-sided and kept in nylon sheet covers so that they’re easily accessible when you need them.


Each module factsheet should generally contain the following information:

  • Module name (part number) and short description.
  • Technical specifications for major module components including available array ports, connectors, etc.
  • Module general classification (color-coded category). Please check the picture below.
  • Factsheet release date.
  • If a module is programmable, the factsheet contains the following software parts as well:
    • Module CLI Commands. Note that BOS Commands are not included here rather in a separate factsheet dedicated for BOS. (Same thing also for BOS Messages and APIs.)
    • Module Messages and Message Codes.
    • Module APIs.
    • Software release version that corresponds to this factsheet version.

Factsheets can be downloaded from this Wiki or from each module website page.

Module Categories

Hexabitz modules are usually organized in the following categories. The factsheets are color-coded according to these categories to help you classify them quickly:

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