Introducing Hexabitz Raspberry Pi Interface!

Wouldn’t it be great to build your own modular and compact Raspberry Pi system and choose any functionality you desire?!

Now you can with this awesome module from Hexabitz! Kudos to our amazing team who worked hard to introduce this world’s-first horizontally integrated Raspberry Pi interface.

HF1R0x is Hexabitz Raspberry Pi interface module 🎊🥳 It interfaces seamlessly to Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4B single-board computers and enables you to connect and control your favorite Hexabitz modules from the Raspberry Pi operating system and build your own Raspberry Pi Hat. Hexabitz modules offer a wide range of functions from sensors and relays to actuators and communication interfaces.

This is the world’s first build-your-own-Pi-Hat system 🌍😎

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