Hexabitz is the outcome of years-long journey searching for the holy grail of electronics: a truly modular electronics solution. The journey took our founder, Asaad Kaadan, through unexpected turns that lead to the current solution. He started chasing modularity back in 2010 and 2011 with many failing concepts and then went on to research optical arrays for drones and space applications for his Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma.

The strict weight requirements for small multirotor drones and modular pixelated nature of some optical systems sparked back the idea of a modular electronics platform and inspired many of Hexabitz unique characteristics. There was a great example to learn from: Nature has been using basic mathematical concepts to build modular flat and curved bio-structures for millions of years. From Buckminsterfullerene long-chain carbon molecules to fruit fly’s modular eye to a honeycomb, nature has perfected the art of modularity and it seemed an obvious inspiration for Hexabitz! Striving for the most abstract and lean implementation, we invented a novel edge-soldering assembly technique along with the scalable wired-mesh concept we borrowed from wireless networks.

     Today, we pride ourselves as the first platform to develop what we call “modular prefabricated electronics.” Prefabrication is all around us-buildings, air crafts, clothes and even our food can be prefabricated. It’s still not the case, though, in electronics. Hexabitz modules are prefabricated electronic boards that, when combined together, look and function almost like a custom-made PCBA but with all the advantages of prefabrication.

Get creative with 3rd dimension from Hexabitz!

     Although Hexabitz has been in development for several years, we believe the journey has just begun! Our wonderful community will help us elevate the promise of modular prefabricated electronics to a whole new level. It is not a dream anymore and we are as excited to learn from the community as to share with them what we have learned so far.