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2 Digit Seven Segment (H3BR2x)


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2 Digit Seven Segment

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H3BR2x is a 2-digit seven-segment interface module based on the STM32G0 MCU and LTD-6940HR dual-digit 7-segment display. It features two displays capable of showing numbers 0-9 and letters A-F. This module has a 0.56 inch digit height, low current operation, and uses RED, common cathode 7-segment display LEDs. It is commonly used in digital clocks, timers, and other applications requiring numerical displays. When connected to other Hexabitz modules, it can effectively represent numerical data in electronic projects.



  • LTD-6940HR dual digit 7 segment display:
    • Features:
      •  0.56 inches, dual digits, RED, common cathode, 7-segment display LED.


  • STM32G0B1CEU6N 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 MCU.
  • 8MHz external oscillator.
  • Six array ports and six power ports (+3.3V and GND).
  • Access to 6xUART, BOOT0, RESET.

Physical Properties

  • Shape: Hexagon
  • Size: 30 mm short diagonal, 17.32 mm side
  • Area: 7.8 cm^2
  • Weight: 10 g
  • Soldermask Color: Dark green
  • Surface Finish: ENIG (gold) or HASL-LF (tin)


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  • Schematics (PDF)
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  • Source Code (GitHub). Download a pre-compiled firmware HEX file here.
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