Mounting Hole (T00R1x)


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Quantity 3 of M2/M2.5 Triangle Mounting Hole

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T00R1x is a triangle mounting hole module that supports M2 and M2.5 screw sizes. Use this module to add mounting holes and attachment mechanisms to your Hexabitz arrays! The M2 hole is drilled by default. This SKU contains three modules. 


Technical Specifications

  • Supports the following mounting holes with silkscreen markings: M2 and M2.5.
  • Drilled hole: M2 (2.3 mm).
  • Three corner pads for power (+3.3V and GND or any other signals connected.) All top pads are connected to each other. Same for bottom pads.
  • Two edge pads for array ports. Not connected to anything. Used for physical connection.

Physical Properties

  • Shape: Isosceles triangle
  • Size: 30 mm base, 8.67 mm height
  • Area: 1.3 cm^2
  • Weight: 0.1 g
  • Soldermask Color: Dark green
  • Finish: ENIG (gold) or HASL-LF (tin)


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