Hexabitz is a group of engineers, makers and artists who dream about revolutionizing hardware prototyping and the electronics industry in general. We do this by working on our modular prefabricated electronics platform and imagining better ways to build electronic hardware everyday. We see our modules as the building blocks of this digital age.

     We are based in the United States and we serve customers all over the world. We have diverse teams in the United States, Syria and India and we ship our products mainly from our US warehouse in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

     Our products are manufactured mainly in Asia. We follow the Radical Transparency policy for our modules by disclosing the actual components used in each and the cost of manufacturing.

Hexabitz® is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Looking for a downloadable PDF version of our offerings? Check out our product Portfolio.

Find out more about our Team and adventurous Story and get in touch via chat or email. We love to geek out with like minded people!