After battling pandemics, component shortages and a myriad of technical challenges in domains that range from wearables to automotive, Asaad Kaadan, Founder and CEO of Hexabitz shares 10 insider tips on leading a hardware design team that survived the rollercoaster of the last two years with more than 4,000% of revenue growth. This article appeared first on Hardware Pioneers website on 12 AUGUST 2021. 1) Hardware is hard, get over it It’s the truth, so you better
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Wouldn't it be great to build your own modular and compact Raspberry Pi system and choose any functionality you desire?! Now you can with this awesome module from Hexabitz! Kudos to our amazing team who worked hard to introduce this world's-first horizontally integrated Raspberry Pi interface. HF1R0x is Hexabitz Raspberry Pi interface module 🎊🥳 It interfaces seamlessly to Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4B single-board computers and enables you to connect and control your favorite Hexabitz modules from
Researchers at the University of Oklahoma and University of Tulsa in the United States were tasked with the difficult challenge of building a lightweight and modular optical wireless communication technology to support mobile communications from small multirotor drones. Their novel design based on the wired-mesh architecture, around which Hexabitz backend is built, proved a scablable and modular solution to construct both directional (flat) and omnni-directional (spherical) optical wireless communication terminals that provide wide point-of-view and
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EcoBuild is a rising engineering sustainability consultancy in the MENA region. Suitably located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE-one of the world's hottest testbeds of engineering and technology, they provide engineering and design services to achieve highest sustainability standards in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. EcoBuild wanted to expand their market by becoming a provider of energy monitoring and management solutions to complement their design and consultation services. However, being a small startup
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