January 11, 2023

Electronics Cost vs. Volume

Most people know, by now, that prices of electronic devices drop sharply with the increase of production volume. It's the de facto answer you hear from all manufacturers when you complain about the quotes they give you "Oh, don't worry! It'll become cheaper once we make more.." This is true, indeed! It's mainly because manufacturing electronic devices -even at the prototyping level- requires upfront costs and tooling costs that will eventually be divided on number
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We continue with Part II of the series "A Journey into Building Your Own Electronic Hardware." After we reviewed the first four steps in Part I here, we are now ready to build the first physical prototype of our new hardware! 5. Prototyping Time estimation: 3 to 8 weeks (including international shipping if needed) Just like you can use a 3D printer to quickly prototype the mechanical enclosure you want, there are many off-the-shelf prototyping solutions
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We work at Hexabitz with lots of founders with no prior electronic hardware experience who want to build their own devices and innovate hardware solutions in their respective industries. This is often the most challenging but most rewarding job of any startup founder. Breakthrough innovations come when you mix different disciplines together and cross-pollinate. In this time and age, it’s hardly conceivable that any breakthrough innovation does not contain complex pieces of electronic technology. Electronics are deeply
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December 24, 2021

2021 Hexabitz Year in Review

2021 at Hexabitz in numbers Our revenue grew by 50% Our team grew by 40% +5 local/global workshops Total 11 enterprise customers in 8 countries around the globe Total 18 custom hardware projects in 8 industries Total number of Hexabitz modules is 48 Expanded from 1 to 4 offices Total views on social media pages Open Source 2022 Here we go!