Valynce Sensor Platform

Valynce, a project by Exit83, is a small wearable IoT device which unlocks productivity and safety insights on a jobsite

Hexabitz designed the PCBs and a modular enclosure system for the wearable platform and provided prototyping services via our partners

5KW Smart Brushless DC Motor Drive

High power 5KW smart Brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive for advanced robotics and industrial applications

It features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity as well, and can be controlled via smartphone Apps (Android and iOS)

RSB: High Power Silicon-Carbide Switching

RSB is a high power and high frequency AC solid-state switching solution for compact switching of high-power audio and microwave/radar signals

Hexabitz developed an innovative solution for our customer to greatly reduce size while allowing solid-state switching of 600V/100A AC signals with minimum loss and leakage

MomentPick Wearable Camera

MomentPick, a project by Mind Success, is a smart wearable camera. It does not feature a large and distracting screen unlike most standard cameras. Instead, it utilizes an array of embedded sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the scene and help you frame and pick the best shot

Hexabitz provided turnkey design solutions for MomenPick starting with early conception to PCB design, firmware development, smartphone apps and mechanical and industrial design