Our team spans multiple continents and diverse backgrounds. We work hard and pour our hearts and souls into each Bit to give you the best hardware experience ever!

Asaad Kaadan, PhD.

Founder & CEO, Maker-in-Chief

Mohammad Alchehabi

Wizard, Embedded Firmware – Hardware

Mahmoud Mardnly

Wizard, Embedded Firmware – Hardware – Sales

Mohammad AlYasfo

Wizard, Software – IoT – AI

Hani Mounla

Wizard, Software – IoT – UI/UX

Najib Kassab

Wizard, Embedded Firmware

Adel Faki

Hacker, Embedded Firmware

Nawras Alhaj

Wizard, Production

Our Ambassadors have contributed -and are still contributing- to the awesome content, hardware, software and projects you see on our website everyday. For all of them, and everyone else not in this list, a big THANK YOU for making hardware better!

Siraj Mohammad

Hardware – Embedded Firmware – Marketing

Anh Vo Tuan

Embedded Firmware

Abhishek Arora

Embedded Firmware

Mohit Chawla

Embedded Firmware

Rayad Kubaisi, PhD.

3D Printing – Industrial Design

Anas Kaadan

Hardware & Embedded Firmware

Amir Tabbakh

Hardware & Embedded Firmware

Mohammad Awais


Aula Jazmati

Content & Social

Jaafar Murtada

Content & Social

Suzan Alnajdi

Content & Projects

Salah Sodah

Content & Projects

Fatih Kadourah

Content & Projects

Soubhi Hadri


Mario Rahal

Content & Marketing

Evan MacDonald


Hanaa Mardnly


Nour Orfaly


Mahmoud Sheikh Muhammad


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