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Learn in this video tutorial how to assemble, reconfigure and disassemble Hexabitz arrays.

How do you build a board with 12 AC relays in few minutes? Watch this tutorial project to learn about building large Hexabitz arrays step by step: from designing your array and soldering modules to “array exploration” feature and building the array topology. Single, multicast and broadcast CLI Commands are demoed as well. The best comes at the end! Watch how you completely reconfigure your board shape and layout in matter of minutes!

Watch this compilation of Hexabitz tutorial projects to:

  • Learn about synchronous and asynchronous messaging, input buttons, and remote memory access using a five-module RGB LED array.
  • Learn about logging multiple switches (mechanical, optical, magnetic) simultaneously to a single H1BR60 (micro SD card) module.
  • Use a micro SD card (H1BR60) and a double-coin cell battery module (H04R10) to make a portable click logger.
  • Explore the TRACE mode to visualize your routes throughout the array!
  • Control various AC loads using AC solid state relay modules (H0FR6).

Dr. Asaad Kaadan, Hexabitz founder and CEO, shares his journey searching for the holy grail of modular electronics with attendees at the 25th Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic meetup in San Francisco, CA last December. Learn about Hexabitz story and what makes the platform so different from hardware platforms out there!

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