Audio Speaker and Headphone Jack (H07R3x)


Audio Speaker and Headphone Jack

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H07R3x is an audio amplifier and speaker module based on ST TS4990 1.2W audio amplifier and STM32F0 MCU. This module features an on-board 8-ohm rectangular CUI speaker and a headphone output jack. Use this module to play sounds and tunes stored in the MCU embedded Flash or streamed from an external hardware/another module via array ports.



  • ST TS4990IST audio power amplifier:
    • 1.2W output power at VCC = 5V, THD = 1%,
      F = 1kHz, with 8 Ω load.
    • 62dB PSRR at 217 Hz in grounded mode.
    • Near-zero pop and click.
  • CUI CDS-15118B 1W, Nd-Fe-B, 8 Ω speaker.
  • CUI SJ-3524-SMT-TR 3.5 mm, headphone stereo audio jack.
  • 50kΩ potentiometer to adjust audio level (amplifier gain).


  • STM32F091CBU6 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 MCU.
  • 8MHz external oscillator.
  • Five array ports and six power ports (+3.3V and GND).
  • Access to 5xUART, 2xI2C, SWD, BOOT0, RESET.

Physical Properties

  • Shape: Hexagon
  • Size: 30 mm short diagonal, 17.32 mm side
  • Area: 7.8 cm^2
  • Weight: 3 g
  • Soldermask Color: Dark green
  • Surface Finish: ENIG (gold) or HASL-LF (tin)

Hardware Release Notes


  • Initial hardware release.


  • Added a DC-blocking capacitor (C12) to reduce amplifier heat-up.
  • Added input low pass filter footprint (DNP).
  • Updated amplifier feedback resistor and capacitor values.
  • Changed the MCU to STM32F091CCU6 to increase Flash size to 256Kb.


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H07R30 BOM

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