Valynce Sensor Platform

Valynce, a project by Exit83, is a small wearable IoT device which unlocks productivity and safety insights on a jobsite. This smart wearable tool captures workplace information and sends the operational data wirelessly to a cloud, in a way that protects workers privacy. Hexabitz designed the PCBs and a modular enclosure system for the wearable platform and provided prototyping services via our partners. We also developed manufacturing fixtures for semi-automated power testing and programming of the wearable PCBs

Project Skills

  • PCB Design
    • 3 x 4-layer PCBs
  • Enclosure Design
    • FDM / SLA 3D printing
    • Modular enclosure mounts (straps, hooks, Velcro)
  • Manufacturing Tools
    • Semi-automated power-test fixtures
    • Semi-automated programming fixtures

Innovative Solutions


Challenge: Customer requested to integrate multiple wireless technologies, sensors, and a battery within a small space almost the size of Apple EarPods case

Solution: We split the design into three PCBs that mate to each other and provide optimal 3D integration within the available tight space:

1) A power PCB that handled battery management, wireless charging and USB charging and communication,

2) main PCB that contained the main controller, BLE and WiFi connectivity and an accelerometer sensor, and

3) an addon LTE module that could provide LTE wireless connectivity and GPS positioning

Challenge: Customer had different application scenarios that require different wearable attachment mechanisms

Solution: Our team developed a modular enclosure base design so that the same wearable enclosure can slide into multiple bases that offer different attachment mechanisms (straps, hooks, Velcro, etc.) The wearable can them be easily repurposed for different applications without the need to make new enclosures