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Project Structure

Hexabitz software is released as a compiled HEX file and a STM32CubeIDE (uVision previously) project, along with source files for each module. The project folder contains the following sub-folders:

  • BOS: Contains source files for the BOS.
  • H01R00 (or other PN): Contains source files for this module.
  • Compiled: Contains .hex files for direct injection.
  • STM32CubeIDE: Contains STM32CubeIDE project files as well as output files (assembler output, linker output, compiler output, etc.)
  • Thirdparty: Contains source files for other libraries used in the project (e.g., HAL, FreeRTOS, etc.)
  • User: Contains user-modified files used for this particular array/project. This folder includes main.c that contains the User Task, the topology header files and the project header file project.h.

Updating to The Latest Release

It is always recommended updating your projects to the latest software release to get new features and bug fixes. Check release notes here for details on each release. To update your project to the latest release, simply keep the user folder and replace all other folders with those in the module repository. To maintain this level of portability, you should try to keep all your custom code in main.c and project.h files.

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