4-Pin USB-Serial Prototype Cable


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The 4-pin USB 2.0 to UART serial cable is an indispensable tool for Hexabitz development! It incorporates FTDI’s FT232H USB to UART interface, which handles all the USB signalling and protocols. The cable comes with four pins (TXD, RXD, 3.3V, GND) and has an adequate length (1 m). The cable provides a fast, inexpensive and simple way to connect with your Hexabitz modules and other hardware and power them directly with 3.3v / 500mA. The cable comes with 4-pin, color-coded, female connectors that are compatible with 0.1” pitch male headers.


  • Based on the single chip USB Hi-Speed FT232H device
  • 3.3v /500mA output voltage.
  • Cable length: 1m  (3 feet)
  • Wire details: 4 core, UL2464 24 AWG, diameter=6.5mm
  • End connectors: Single pole, receptacle x 4
  • Color scheme:
    • Red: 3.3V
    • Black: GND
    • Yellow: RXD
    • Orange: TXD