5V / 8W Portable USB Soldering Iron


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Are you thinking to yourself “if I can just solder my Hexabitz modules on-the-fly“? Or are you the type of hardware hacker who never leaves home without a soldering iron in the backpack? We’ve got you covered with this awesome 5V / 8W USB soldering iron! Use your laptop USB port -or even better, a USB power bank- and free yourself from power outlets to solder your hardware on-the-go.

This soldering iron can reach 200-400 ℃ temperature in a few minutes depending on current supply. It is 8W-rated so a USB power bank providing 1.5A would be the optimal setup for fast heating. A 500mA-USB port would still work but takes more time to reach desired temperature. This soldering iron is simple to use and suitable for quick hacks and fast module assembly/disassembly but not for large soldering projects. The iron disconnects and cools down automatically for protection. You can warm it up again using a small button. It also comes with a small convenient metal stand.