AC Current and Voltage Sensor (H2AR3x)

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AC Current and Voltage Sensor

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H2AR3x is an AC current and voltage sensor module based on bi-directional current sense amplifiers INA199B2DCKT, INA199B1DCKT, Low-Drift, Low-Power, Dual-Output Vref and Vref/2 Voltage Reference REF2033AIDDCR and STM32F0 MCU. 

  • The voltage-output, current-shunt monitors (also called current-sense amplifiers) are commonly used for overcurrent protection, precision-current measurement for system optimization, or in closed-loop feedback circuits. 
    • These devices operate from a single 2.7-V to 26-V power supply, drawing a maximum of 100 µA of supply current. All versions are specified from –40 °C to 125 °C, and offered in both SC70-6 and thin UQFN-10 packages.
  • Applications with only a positive supply voltage often require additional stable voltage in the middle of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) input range to bias input bipolar signals. The REF2033AIDDCR provides a reference voltage (VREF) for the ADC and a second highly-accurate voltage (VBIAS) that can be used to bias the input bipolar signals.




  • 26V, bi-directional current sense amplifier INA199A2DCKT:
    • Wide Common-Mode Range: –0.3 V to 26 V.
    • Offset Voltage: ±150 µV (Maximum)
      (Enables Shunt Drops of 10-mV Full-Scale)
    • Accuracy:
      • Gain Error (Maximum Over Temperature):
        • ±1% (C Version)
        • ±1.5% (A and B Versions)
      • 0.5-µV/°C Offset Drift (Maximum)
      • 10-ppm/°C Gain Drift (Maximum)
    • Choice of Gains:
      • INA199x1: 50 V/V
      • INA199x2: 100 V/V
      • INA199x3: 200 V/V
    • Quiescent Current: 100 µA (Maximum)
  • Low-Drift, Low-Power, Dual-Output Vref and Vref/2 Voltage Reference REF2033AIDDCR:
    • Two Outputs, VREF and VREF / 2, for Convenient Use in Single-Supply Systems
    • Excellent Temperature Drift Performance:
      • 8 ppm/°C (max) from –40 °C to 125 °C
    • High Initial Accuracy: ±0.05% (max)
    • VREF and VBIAS Tracking over Temperature:
      • 6 ppm/°C (max) from –40 °C to 85 °C
      • 7 ppm/°C (max) from –40 °C to 125 °C
    • Microsize Package: SOT23-5
    • Low Dropout Voltage: 10 mV
    • High Output Current: ±20 mA
    • Low Quiescent Current: 360 µA
    • Line Regulation: 3 ppm/V
    • Load Regulation: 8 ppm/mA


  • STM32F091CBU6 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 MCU.
  • 8MHz external oscillator.
  • Three array ports and four power ports (+3.3V and GND).
  • Access to 3xUART, BOOT0, RESET.

Physical Properties

  • Shape: Hexagon
  • Size: 30 mm short diagonal, 17.32 mm side
  • Area: 7.8 cm^2
  • Weight: 10 g
  • Soldermask Color: Dark green
  • Surface Finish: ENIG (gold) or HASL-LF (tin)


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