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E-Z-Hook Programming Kit


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Hexabitz modules have a number of internal SMD pads that are accessible only from top or bottom—not from module side. These are used for non-essential signals like MCU reset and SWD port. Instead of soldering SMD connectors there, you could use a nice off-the-shelf E-Z-Hook kit that we assembled for you.

The kit consists of:

  • 0603 SMD probe pads (down left) – quantity 15.
  • E-Z-Micro-Hook double grip connectors (upper left) – quantity 4.
  • Female-to-female patch cable with 0.025” square ends (right) – quantity 4.

These cables and hooks are typically color-coded.


  • Probe pads datasheet – size 0603 (PDF)
  • E-Z-Micro-Hook datasheet – MFN XKM-S (PDF)
  • Female patch cable datasheet – MFN 9110-6-S (PDF)


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