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Activate Hexabitz built-in GUIs

As a part of our open-source approach, Hexabitz team has developed several built-in GUIs using STM32CubeMonitor tool in order to ease using our modules just by these simple steps:

1- Refer to our GitHub account, and download the latest firmware version as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1. Downloading the latest firmware from GitHub

2- Update your firmware with the help of this article, and download the .hex file immediately from Compiled folder → STM32CubeIDE → the latest file as displayed in figure 2. 

Figure 2. Choosing the correct firmware file

3- Open STM32CubeMonitor tool, import the pre-built .json file from the firmware folder “STM32CubeMonitor” as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3. Choosing the GUI file

Figure 4. Pre-built Hexabitz dashboard

4- Edit In/Out probes to specify the attached programmer, as shown in figure 5.

Figure 5. Editing In/Out probes of the dashboard

5- Press DEPLOY button, then refer to the DASHBOARD menu and start monitoring the results.

Figure 6. Gyroscope sensor live data for X.Y & Z coordinates in DPS unit

Figure 7. Accelerometer sensor live data for X.Y & Z coordinates in G unit

Figure 8. Magnetometer sensor live data for X.Y & Z coordinates in MGuass unit

Figure 9. Thermometer sensor live data in C unit

P.s. if you were working on a firmware which has a written program on the main “usertask function”, please comment your program in order not to effect on the GUI’s work.

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