Blinky Pro Kit


Blinky Pro RGB LED Modules Kit

Stage: Alpha


This comprehensive kit has everything you need to build your complex RGB LED creations and control them in various ways: via a smartphone, a USB port or anyway else you like! It also comes with a wired Kelvin Clamp for easy programming and an AC-DC wall adapter for a stand-alone system.

  • 20 x hexagon RGB LED module (H01R00).
  • 2 x pentagon RGB LED module (P01R00).
  • 1 x Bluetooth/BLE module (H23R10).
  • 1 x USB-B to UART converter module (Normal H1AR10, or Mini H1AR20, or Micro H1AR30).
  • 1 x 3.3V / 1A DC-DC power supply module (H03R00).
  • 1 x Hexabitz modified Kelvin Clamp (K-CLAMP).
  • 1 x 12V / 24W AC-DC wall adapter.


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