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Dev Tools

Software Development Tools

Most development tools used in Hexabitz are free and/or open-source to make it easily accessible by everyone. Here’s a list of tools that might be useful:

  • uVision: uVision is the industry-standard embedded software development tool for ARM devices. It is usually a pretty expensive tool and you are only allowed 32KB code size in the evaluation version. We are lucky, however, that ST and Keil (uVision developer, a subsidiary of ARM) decided to provide a free license for STM32F0 MCUs! (the ones used in Hexabitz mainstream implementation.) Click on the link in the top right corner in this page to claim your free license.
  • RealTerm: RealTerm is a handy (and free) serial and TCP terminal software that can be used to access Hexabitz CLI.
  • FLASHER-STM32: The STM32 Flash loader demonstrator is a free software PC utility from ST, which runs on PCs and communicates through the RS232 (serial port) with STM32 system memory bootloader (ST factory bootloader). It can be used to program Hexabitz modules as explained here.
  • STM32 ST-LINK Utility: The ST-LINK utility is a free, full-featured software interface for programming STM32 MCUs via ST-LINK programmer connected to JTAG/SWD ports. It can be used to program Hexabitz modules as explained here.

Hardware Development Tools

  • Circuit Maker: Circuit Maker is a cloud-based electrical CAD software available for free from Altium. We have designed our first 20+ modules on Circuit Maker and published most of them on our account there.
  • EAGLE: EAGLE is a famous electrical CAD software now owned by Autodesk. There is a free license with some limitations in board size and layer count but it should work with most of Hexabitz modules. We moved into EAGLE as our official electrical CAD software for module design. You can download our EAGLE design files from our Github account.
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