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Module Naming (Part Numbers) Convention

Hexabitz modules’ part numbers follow this naming convention:

HxxRyz (-E)


  • H: represents modules’ shape prefix. Available shapes are: H (hexagon), P (pentagon), T(triangle) and S (square). Note that some modules might repeat the same shape to gain more surface area, e.g., two hexagons or two squares permanently connected to each other. They still get a single prefix from the list above.
  • xx: represents the main functionality (front-end) code, e.g., 01 for LEDs. This number is hexadecimal to support 256 main functionalities.
  • R: represents a separator that separates main functionality and sub-functionality codes.
  • y: represents the sub-functionality (front-end) code. This number is hexadecimal as well, and thus the number of total functionalities supported is 16 x 256 = 4096.
  • z: represents module hardware revision number. Older revisions will be depreciated.
  • -E: This is an optional extension used in some part numbers to define a deviation from standard hardware specifications (e.g., flex PCB or non-green silkscreen or different connectors).

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