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Where to Find Information?

If you are interested in more details about Hexabitz hardware and software architecture and other basic information, checkout our Wiki articles here. If you are looking for a school- or college-level curriculum, check out the courses below from Hexabitz team and our community partners.

If you are looking for information on how to update firmware, connect to modules or anything else related to Hexabitz hardware and software, check out our ever-expanding Wiki How-To articles here. Looking for more in-depth explanation and examples on our software/firmware features? Check out the Code Overview series of articles here. If you are wondering about our different firmware releases, check out our release notes here and find out in this article everything you need about updating firmware and where to find firmware files.

Looking for source code for our firmware, software, and hardware design files? They’re all available as an open-source on our GitHub account. You can also access respective source code and design files for a particular module from its module page >> Resources tab. Still looking for 3D design files of our fixtures and enclosures? They are available on our Thingiverse account.

You might be looking for handy datasheet-style documentation for our modules! We got that covered with our Factsheets here. They’re also available in the Resources tab in each module page. Also do not forget our awesome Quick Start Guides with graphical illustrations and handy QR codes! They are available on each module page as well.

Are you looking for project ideas to get inspired? Check out our demo projects here and visit our Hackster.io account. Also, don’t forget to follow and like our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for latest news and ideas. Our Gallery page is also a good source of visual inspiration! If you are interested in real-life case studies for modularity-in-action, check out the business Success Stories we publish now and then.

If you are a video guy or gal, then check out the videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel

If you are finally ready to shop some modules, kits and accessories, check out our Online Shop and don’t forget our awesome t-shirts!

Looking for more information on Hexabitz and its team? Check out About Us page and read about our story and team. Any questions still lingering? Check out our FAQs here and if you can not find an answer, feel free to drop us a line on the website chat or through the online contact form here

Have fun and build an awesome modular hardware!

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