Hexabitz Intro Kit


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Hexabitz Intro Modules Kit

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Get hands-on and discover the awesomeness of modular electronics with this intro kit!

  • 1 x RGB LED module (H01R0x) OR (P01R0x)
  • 1 x Micro SD memory card module (H1BR60)
  • 1 x IR lidar (range sensor) module (H08R6x) OR (P08R6x)
  • 1 x Audio speaker and headphone jack module (H07R3x)
  • 1 x 3.3V / 1A DC-DC buck power supply (H03R0x)
  • 1 x Dual in-series CR2032 coin-cell battery holder module (H04R20). (Note: coin-cell batteries are not included.)
  • 1 x 4-Pin USB-serial prototype cable (USB-CBL-1)
  • 2 x Hexabitz BitClamp (K-CLAMP)

Here is a list of cool projects you can build with this kit and few extra components. The projects range from simple no-coding experiments to a bit more advanced projects making the kit a good electronics & programming intro for young kids all the way to college level:

  1. Hexabitz greeting card (link). Level: easy. Coding: No (Command Snippets).
  2. Cookies security system (link). Level: easy. Coding: No (Command Snippets).
  3. Water level alarm or electro-conductivity meter (link). Level: easy. Coding: No (Command Snippets).
  4. Glowing RGB LED necklace (link). Level: easy. Coding: No (Command Snippets).
  5. Door monitoring system (link). Level: easy. Coding: No (Command Snippets).
  6. Fishing game – Magnetic detector with reed switch (link). Level: easy. Coding: No (Command Snippets).
  7. LDR alarm system (link). Level: intermediate. Coding: No (Command Snippets).
  8. Click logger (link). Level: easy. Coding: Yes.
  9. Distance measurement system (link). Level: easy. Coding: Yes.
  10. Compact multi-switch data logger (link). Level: easy. Coding: Yes.
  11. Basketball game scoring system (link). Level: intermediate. Coding: Yes.
  12. Speaker games (link). Level: intermediate. Coding: Yes.
  13. And more..