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First external release!

  • Broadcasting should work well with Messages and Commands – Don’t enable response for now.
  • Button definitions and events are saved to emulated EEPROM (i.e., won’t be lost if you reboot) >> Not thoroughly tested.
  • Added feature to select lower CLI baud rate at startup (115200). Connect P1 TXD and RXD momentarily together while power cycling, then any CLI port you connect to will accept 115200. Other ports used for messaging will keep the higher rate (921600). Note that CLI baud rate goes back to default once you power cycle.
  • Added option to disable response to remote Messages/Commands. Basically, you can choose to send response on all (Messages + Commands), or Messages only or disable both.
  • Added set/get CLI commands to set up some BOS parameters (response, button debounce settings, etc.) They are saved directly to emulated EEPROM.
  • Added CLI command to put all parameters back to default params.
  • Increased emulated EEPROM size to 1024 16-bit variables and moved the explored routing table to a different section in MCU Flash to free more EEPROM area.

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