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This was a big release!

New Modules

  • P01R00: Pentagon RGB LED module. Using similar code to H01R00.
  • H07R30: Audio speaker module. Initial module release supporting musical notes and basic wave play.
  • H08R60: IR Time-of-Flight module. Initial release with range sample and streaming functionality.
  • H0BR40: 3-axis IMU and Digital Compass module.  Initial release with sensor sample and stream functionality.
  • H23R10: Bluetooth V4 module. Initial module release with a smartBasic support and an Android app connection functionality.

New Features

  • Adding UUID CLI command to display MCU unique UID, ID_CODE and Flash size.
  • Adding remote bootloader update feature to the BOS. You can remotely update a module from another one via the shortest path or via a specific port.
  • Adding messages to control indicator LED.
  • Adding demo CLI commands for few modules.

Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes to memory and stack issues.
  • Improve uSD card module (H1BR60) initialization and make card fail or missing fault non-blocking.


  • All module PNs were updated to match our new product map.
  • DMA streams can be temporary or permanent (stored in the emulated EEPROM)
  • Improving TRACE mode and adding it to BOS parameters.

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