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New Modules

  • H0FR7: SPST 12V/20A MOSFET Switch module. It is available as a third target to H0FR1x firmware project

  • H23R3: very low power Bluetooth Low Energy (BlueNRG-M2 BLE 5) module.

New Features

  • Added STM32CubeMonitor files to H0BR4/H0FR6/H0FR1/H0FR7/H01R0/H07R3/H08R6/H09R0/H15R0/H26R0 modules.
  • Add Acknowledgment to BOS messaging parser with user-defined number of trials.


  • Updated all modules’ factsheets, including Commands, Messages, and APIs with their description & examples.
  • Change main.c files to use-to-read version.
  • Added Sample-to-port message to H08R6x/P08R6x/H26R0x/H09R0x/H0BR4x modules. 
  • Change stream message in H08R6x/P08R6x/H26R0x/H09R0x/H0BR4x modules to make them same in all sensor-based modules.
  • Read ADC value and percentage in P2 and P3 in all modules.
  • Read internal voltage reference.
  • Read internal microcontroller temperature.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed BOS snippet.
  • Fixed bug in CLI command backspace.
  • Fixed Stack Overflow bug in PxmessagingTask.
  • Fixed bugs in H15R00 module.
  • Fixed bug in H26R0x module.
  • Fixed bug in messaging parses.
  • Fixed Bug in Broadcast & multicast message.

Known Issues

  • BOS Explore functionality is disabled in this release. Calling Explore API or Command does not yield a result. The functionality will be restored in future releases.
  • H1BR6x will not work accurately in this release due to RAM size shortage.


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