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New Features

  • Added function to automatically reset the MCU when a hard fault error occurs.


  • The factsheets of all Hexabitz modules have been updated, including commands, messages and APIs with their descriptions and examples.
  • The messaging protocol (BOS Messaging Protocol) used between Hexabitz modules has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs in CRC calculation function and other functions.

Known Issues

  • Note that if you connect an external (hardware/software) to one of Hexabitz modules to send BOS messages, a delay of 2 ms should be added between each UART frame [ start bit, data bits, parity bit, stop bit ]; this issue will be solved in the upcoming releases.
  • BOS Explore functionality is disabled in this release. Calling Explore API or Command does not return any result. The functionality will be restored in future releases.
  • H1BR6x does not work accurately in this release due to RAM size shortage.

Backward Compatibility

  • This release is backward compatible. We recommend updating all modules in the array to V0.2.7 to improve communication between them.
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