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New Modules

  • H10R4: Thumb Joystick module with factsheet.

  • H0AR9: Sensor Hub (Temperature, Humidity, Ambient Light, Color, Sound, Motion) module with factsheet.

  • H09R9: Thermopile Sensor module with factsheet.
  • H2AR3: AC Current and Voltage Sensor module with factsheet.
  • H41R6: STM32F4 LQFP-100 MCU module with factsheet.

New Features

  • Added STM32CubeMonitor files to H0AR9/H2AR3/H09R9 modules.


  • Updated all modules’ factsheets, including Commands, Messages, and APIs with their description & examples.
  • Improved H23R1/H23R3 APIs and CLIs, and Messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in MSG parser.
  • Fixed bug in CRC calculation function.

Known Issues

  • BOS Explore functionality is disabled in this release. Calling Explore API or Command does not yield a result. The functionality will be restored in future releases.
  • H1BR6x will not work accurately in this release due to RAM size shortage.


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