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  • Bug fix: H01R00 CLI Commands with upper case (e.g., RGB) now work correctly.
  • Bug fix: Added UART error callback to _it file to catch any errors.
  • Bug fix: Fixed some errors in saving and recalling button definitions and events from EEPROM.
  • New feature: H05R00 SD card logging:
    — Establishing all basic logging functionality.
    — Log buttons.
    — Log memory locations.
    — Both rate and event-based.
    — Index only for samples .
  • New feature: Added CLI baudrate to BOS parameters and you can set it in the CLI. Once you set it’s saved in EEPROM so you can use the module always at this baudrate.
  • Improvement: Moved MCU startup file from user group to module drivers.
  • Improvement: Moved topology header define from main.h to a project-based project.h for better portability.
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